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Please bare with me, I have a beautiful website coming soon, it will offer 'codes' and feature easier browsing, but, it takes so much time! If you have any problems, please email us and we can input your order manually, don't forget to check out our reps on Instagram for the latest jewellery and codes! thanks so much, Sara

Welcome to the Inspire Fandom shop- a haven of beautiful, geeky items inspired by our favourite fandoms. You'll find jewellery and accessories below, at the moment we only ship to the UK but please email if you are from America/Canada and interested in odereing.

You'll find our selection of jewellery in the links on the right. 

Please see our offers available right now to new and returning customers:

**OFFER: Free UK postage throughout MAY when you spend over £15- quote code 'FREEMAY**

 **OFFER: Free 'Sunnydale High School' badge witrh every Buffy order- email us and quote code 'BuffyForever''**

 **OFFER EXTENDED: FREE GIFT! Free goody bag with 3 random items from our shop when you spend £30 BEFORE July 31st 2017- quote code 'FREEGOODIES'**

Order as many items as you like, postage will stay the same- UK £2.95. Your package will be sent 48 hours tracked by a courier.

If you'd prefer, you can email to order.

Everyone loves recieving post, and what is better than a box full of your favourite fandom?

Here at Inspire Fandom, we love fandom and geeking out so we have just as much pleasure in making the items we sell as what we hope you'll have recieving them. Please send us your comments and reviews- we are a new company and appreciate every like, share and link! 

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* Breaking Bad * Deadpool * Iron Man * Avengers * Avatar * Percy Jackson * Red Dwarf * 
And more.....